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Glasgow-based dealer group Arnold Clark has become the latest company to pledge its support to the year-old Dare To Be Different campaign as it joins as an official partner. The family-run group is the largest independently-owned chain of motor dealerships in the UK, and joins partners such as the MSA – the governing body of British motor sport – Pirelli, Haymarket Group and CSM in bolstering the campaign’s pledge to ‘Drive Female Talent’.

Said Arnold Clark Managing Director, Eddie Hawthorne of the partnership: “We’re thrilled to support Dare To Be Different. The initiative’s vision resonates with our company values and our commitment to champion and develop female talent in the motor industry. We look forward to working with Susie and the team.”

The announcement is another strong sign that Dare To Be Different – which was launched in January 2016 – is here to stay and develop. The 2017 calendar reflects strategic growth in a bid for sustainability. There will be a presence at some of the industry’s high-profile events – such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the F1 in Schools Finals – as it remains loyal to its original pledge to reach young girls from every walk of life and encourage breaking moulds and perceptions.

“Being a Scottish girl, I am particularly pleased to welcome the Arnold Clark Group to the Dare To Be Different family,” said campaign founder, Susie Wolff MBE. “I have had a long relationship with the group, and when I talked to them about D2BD there was an immediate understanding of what we are trying to achieve. It is another superb endorsement of the health of Dare To Be Different and Arnold Clark is a partner who I know will push the ethos of the campaign – Driving Female Talent.”

The second headline event on Dare To Be Different’s 2017 calendar took place today (26 April) at Daytona Sandown Park in Surrey.

To get connected join the community now

Dare To Be Different
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 7
5081 Anif

President: Susie Wolff
Vice President: René Berger
Treasurer: Claudia Maur