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Dare To Be Different revs up its calendar

Buy Diazepam Online Belfast

A series of exciting events aimed at increasing female participation in motor sport will take place in Australia in the coming months. Recently launched in Australia, Dare To Be Different (D2BD) will ensure young girls around the country understand how they can get...
Yates and Notarfrancesco join  D2BD Australia

Buy 1000 Diazepam Online

Fox Sports’ host Jessica Yates and Australian Superbikes host Emma Notarfrancesco have been confirmed as the latest Dare To Be Different (D2BD) Ambassadors in Australia. The two media stars join a growing list of women in Australian motor sport who are championing the...
Girls of F1 take the Dare at Santa Pod Raceway

Buy Valium Glasgow

Dare To Be Different makes ‘flagship’ drag racing debut   200 girls, comprising local school students and the daughters of Formula One team personnel, gathered at Santa Pod Raceway near Wellingborough on Wednesday and Thursday (20th and 21st June) for...
Dare To Be Different springs into Buckmore Park

Valium Order Overnight Delivery

Glorious spring weather greeted 100 local school girls as they arrived at Buckmore Park kart circuit in Kent on 18th April, for this year’s first Dare To Be Different event. The girls, all aged between 8 and 11 years, were there to find out exactly what a...

To get connected join the community now

Dare To Be Different
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 7
5081 Anif

President: Susie Wolff
Vice President: René Berger
Treasurer: Claudia Maur