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Fox Sports’ host Jessica Yates and Australian Superbikes host Emma Notarfrancesco have been confirmed as the latest Dare To Be Different (D2BD) Ambassadors in Australia.

The two media stars join a growing list of women in Australian motor sport who are championing the cause to improve female participation in motor sport at all levels.

After CAMS announced the program’s arrival in Australia earlier this year, work is now well underway on a calendar of events and exciting programs to help spread the D2BD message across Australia.

Yates has been face of motor sports on Fox Sports for the past decade, including hosting their Supercars coverage. She was also the first ever female recipient of the Supercars Media Award, which she was awarded in 2016.

Yates said she was excited about encouraging more women to be involved in motor sport.

“Traditionally, it’s fair to say there haven’t been an overwhelming number of women involved in motor sport, but we are certainly seeing that change,” Yates said.

“I am a firm believer that if you want something badly enough, you will always find a way.

“Dare To Be Different is a fantastic program and I am proud to be helping encourage, inspire and motivate women to understand there are opportunities for them to be involved in motor sport, whether it is in media, or as a race engineer, driver or valued team member.”


Notarfrancesco has been a regular feature on TV and course screens alike at a range of motor sport events. She said she was delighted to be named a D2BD Ambassador.

“As a true motor sport fan I’m absolutely thrilled,” Notarfrancesco said.

“While I was certainly hesitant taking on my first role, it’s important for women to realise that even though there may be some hurdles working in this male dominated industry, if you are passionate and work hard you can make an impact.

“These days it’s great to see more and more women playing an active role in front of and behind the camera – but there is always room for more.”

To register your interest in D2BD programs, head to Valium Online Uk


About D2BD:

CAMS has joined forces with Susie Wolff and the Dare To Be Different team to launch the program in Australia.

The initiative will help young girls from around Australia to understand the opportunities that await them in the motor sport industry, whether it is as a driver, engineer, mechanic or one of the many other roles in a growing industry.

Former Formula 1 development driver Susie Wolff formed Dare To Be Different in 2016 alongside Rob Jones, CEO of the UK’s Motor Sport Association.

The not-for-profit organisation aims to inspire and celebrate women in every aspect of motorsport.

Dare To Be Different also hopes to change the preconceptions of a male-dominated sport by increasing participation of women to spark change.

To get connected join the community now

Dare To Be Different
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 7
5081 Anif

President: Susie Wolff
Vice President: René Berger
Treasurer: Claudia Maur