Dare To Be Different races into 2018 with a major new global partner and expanded international calendar

Dare To Be Different (D2BD) is racing into its third season alongside the news that Deutsche Bank Wealth Management will join D2BD as Global Lead Partner from 2018.  The relationship, which will be officially announced at the Autosport International Show on Thursday 11 January, underlines how far the D2BD charity has come in just 24 months.

As the Global Lead Partner to D2BD, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management’s impact will be felt in all three territories: UK, Germany and Australia nurturing female talent through education and opportunities.


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Susie Wolff says, “This is a huge fillip for Dare to Be Different and I am so incredibly proud. We have enjoyed two great years where we have grown and diversified. Now, Global Generic Pharmacy, Buy Online Pharmacy propecia cost http://light.utoronto.ca/wp-content.php?=generic-propecia online pharmacy no rx, 5mg vs 1mg propecia Guaranteed Shipping with the three-year commitment and support of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, it gives us a super effective and highly resourced partner to spread our message to a larger international audience.”

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